If Money And Time Were No Object,
What Would You Want?

Where would you live?
What car would you drive?
Where would your children go to school?
Where would you travel to?
Who would you help?


If You Keep On Doing What You Are Doing,
Will You Ever Get What You Really Want?

Hi! Alex & Marlena here. We are the 75th Millionaires in Isagenix International. We got there by helping many others achieve their financial goals. We invite you to join us so we can prepare an action plan to help you achieve YOUR goals!
Alex & Marlena Kokin – Known as “The Part-Time Millionaires”
Several years ago, my wife Marlena and I found the perfect way to get what we want. We made a few adjustments to our daily routine, and the result was absolutely amazing:
We became six figure earners and later, Millionaires.*
Now, we have the Time Freedom we always wanted!
Today, we want to share that find with you
and help YOU, get what YOU want.

One of our mentors, Zig Ziglar told us:

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

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Our Story – How We Became Part-Time Millionaires*

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1- What Did We Do To Become Part-Time Millionaires? (You Can Do This Too!*)
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3- Do I need experience? No, if you Use our Fast Start Guide
4- How Much Can I Earn*?
5- How much does it cost to get started?
6- Can I really make $820* my first week? (Watch this video)
7- Can I really save $1,392 yearly?
8- Can I save an additional $2,000 if I get started today? Yes! Find out how...
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A- Why are we so successful?
B- What will we do to help you achieve YOUR goals?
C- Is there a video presentation?
D- I want to get started but have no money...
E- Can I qualify for the Off The Charts Effective Millionaire Coaching Program?
F- What happens if I try it and don’t like it?
G- If Not Now When? A Harvard Study** - Last Chance?
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The simple secret on how to Earn Extra Income* is revealed in this video: You Share, They Share, Repeat.