Newsletter December 11th, 2017

Hi! Alex & Marlena here. We are the 75th Millionaires in Isagenix International. We got there by helping many others achieve their financial goals. We invite you to join us so we can prepare an action plan to help you achieve YOUR goals!
Alex & Marlena Kokin – “Part-Time Millionaires”
Hi and welcome to our Weekly Newsletter!
This week Marlena and I have been working on updating our Fast Start Guide and are really excited to make it available to all of you! This is the guide we have handed out to our personally enrolled Customers and Associates. It has been downloaded thousands of times. It is a great way to learn what I did to lose over 100 pounds and what Marlena and I did to become Isagenix’s 75th Millionaires, working part-time from our Florida home. You can download a copy here, and we will also create a permanent tab in the newsletter. We wish you a fantastic week!
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The Fast Start Guide: How We Became Part-Time Millionaires


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