Newsletter December 18th, 2017

Hi! Alex & Marlena here. We are the 75th Millionaires in Isagenix International. We got there by helping many others achieve their financial goals. We invite you to join us so we can prepare an action plan to help you achieve YOUR goals!
Alex & Marlena Kokin – “Part-Time Millionaires”
Hi and welcome to our Weekly Newsletter!
As we approach the Holidays and the New Year, Marlena and I want to wish you all the very best!
We have a redesigned Back Office, a new video and the Cookies and Cream IsaLean Shake is back!
We are also thankful for the messages we’ve received from so many of you thanking us for publishing our updated Fast Start Guide. As most of us will be setting new goals and New Year’s resolutions, our guide can be very helpful in helping you reach those goals. You can download a copy here, or look for the Fast Start Guide tab in the newsletter. We wish you a Holiday season!
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Alex & Marlena's Business Building Accountability Report Score: 18,800
Finally! Better Health, More Wealth & Time Freedom Within Reach...
The Fast Start Guide: How We Became Part-Time Millionaires

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