Circle Of Ten


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome!  The Circle Of Ten instructions below, will help you to achieve success, by following in the footsteps of those that have earned great incomes in Isagenix.

The income producing actions are simple, easy to do as well as easy not to do.  Your success in this program is up to you, no one else…

Here are the steps to take now…

[box type=”tick”]1.- Begin as a brand new Associate would, by thoroughly reading Alex Kokin’s Fast Start Guide.[/box] [box type=”tick”]2.- If you are not a Consultant on Autoship, become one as soon as possible. You will find the exact way to do this on page 8 of the Fast Start Guide above.[/box] [box type=”tick”]3.- Download the Essential Work Sheets you will need to do your daily business.[/box] [box type=”tick”]4.- Read the 3-way calling guide.[/box] [box type=”tick”]5.- Listen to ALL the audio training sessions below. They are about 45 minutes each.  Listen with pencil and paper and take notes.  This is really important.  The person doing this training is the fastest growing Associate to achieve 5 Star Golden Circle. She did this in about 8 months, while it took me almost 4 years… I wish I would have had these audios when I first got started.  You now have a chance to start with an unfair advantage. Take it and run![/box] [box type=”tick”]6.- Once you have completed all of the above, contact your Personal Sponsor. Also contact me, Alex Kokin through THIS FORM for further instructions. Remember, you are aiming to become a Top Earner, and this requires preparation and patience, as well as acquiring new skills and refining existing skills…[/box]

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